I can quit smoking. But I can’t quit Radio.
4 August 2014 Monday | 9:33 | WRM 933就是萬人迷

I’m not sure how people would react to the announcement officially released at 9.33AM, Monday. You probably wouldn’t have expected this, unless you saw my hints on Instagram over the weekend— even I didn’t see this coming.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will be returning to the morning show on Y.E.S. 93.3FM after a 18-month hiatus. From now on, it would be quite a mouthful when people ask what I do.

a. I am still managing the station— a job I took over last March.

b. I am overseeing a second product line— 933TV. This online video production arm will be launched this quarter.

c. I have been accepted by the No. 1 Communications school in Asia, and my company is picking up the tab for the Master of Mass Communication programme I’m taking (on a part time basis, of course) at Nanyang Technological University.

d. (ie the role which most of you are concerned about) I will do the morning show, alongside Kunhua and Jiahui. We will begin waking you up on 18 Aug.

Longtime listeners of the station would know that we shuffle our jocks on a regular basis— usually every March. Jiafa and Peifen have done an awesome job— registering healthy increases in morning show ratings. They were so well-received, I forced exhorted persuaded them to remain in the mornings for six more months, before the transfer to evening drive in the second half of the year.

Kunhua and Jiahui had been earmarked a few months ago to helm the morning show. Jiahui has plenty of experience, while Kunhua is shining like a polished gem after two years on evening drive. And I threw myself into the equation just before I returned from South Africa. The lions, giraffes and elephants told me that it is very important to roam freely where you truly belong.

A series of world incidents and a couple of stories from friends and family coincided to drive home the point that life is short and that we should live life to the fullest with minimal regrets. Don’t get me wrong, I dig the business part of my job and I don’t intend to give up my management role anytime soon. It can get dry and tedious sometimes, but I appreciate the fact that I’m involved in bigger things and that I’m able to make things happen.

At the same time, Radio is a lifetime passion. Period. It’s not impossible to quit smoking— I’ve done it. But you can’t say no to radio hosting— especially when you know that you *ahem* still have some residual (haha!) listeners from your last morning stint.

I’m looking forward to be back. And I hope you’re ready for the countdown to Fridays.

Y.E.S. 93.3FM 18.8 全面改版!

顶尖流行音乐电台Y.E.S. 93.3FM将在2014年8月18日进行节目改版。各时段DJ大洗牌,惊喜一波接一波!

0600 – 1000:《933就是万人迷》/ 志勇、嘉蕙、坤华
1000 – 1200:《933活力上半场》/ 伟彬
1200 – 1400:《933午餐Good Show!》/ 伟彬、Jeff
1400 – 1700:《933轻松下半场》/ 艾薇
1700 – 2100:《933棒棒傍晚班》/ 佩芬、家发
2100 – 0100:《933宁.可听一听》/ 陈宁

阔别早班一年半的志勇将重返镇台节目《933就是万人迷》。他说:“从没打算回来早班,否则也不会报读硕士课程。但是,广播瘾怎么都戒不掉。我上个月去了一趟南非,想了很多。人生有太多的遗憾,我们还是不要为自己制造遗憾。趁现在还能on air,就彻彻底底投入其中吧。我回来了。我又要和大家一起倒数Friday!”嘉蕙说:“之前和志勇合作早班三年多,和坤华主持过一年多的《933醉心龙虎榜》。三人同台还是头一遭。期盼能激起双倍火花!” 首次加入《933就是万人迷》大家庭的坤华说:“终于能够主持这个名牌节目了。《就是万人迷》耶!心里些许忐忑,但满怀期待。早起,我完全没问题。早晨的空气我来了!”




在其他节目环节方面,创意无限的伟彬今年首次和Jeff主持中午12点至2点的《午餐Good Show!》。她表示:“Jeff的点子很多,非常期待和他合作,每个中午的节目都是good show! ” 加盟933之后仅与嘉蕙合作的Jeff则希望能与新搭档迅速培养默契,与伟彬呈献最精彩的午餐节目。



Y.E.S. 93.3FM台长丁志勇说:“933承诺给听众最好的音乐和节目。这次的例常换班,我们希望为全天的节目时段注入新鲜好玩的元素。希望听众朋友能够全天锁定,除了有好歌,还有惊喜万分的空中游戏环节和送奖游戏。谢谢你一直以来的支持,希望你继续锁定!”

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“Smoke what smoke?!”
6 July 2014 Sunday | 20:04 | -

I decided to stop smoking. And Cruz Teng, being Cruz Teng, turned it into a very public campaign — on Radio and online.

A few months before I turned 21, I asked a friend for a cigarette. It was at a birthday party— we were becoming ‘adults’ one by one, and I sort of felt emboldened by the thought of it all. (I think the government has to raise the legal age or something, because it is evident that people turning 21 would still make stupid decisions. Ha.) Of course, I didn’t like the taste of my first Menthol Lights. But that didn’t stop me from giving it a second try. People were smoking in camps, and it wasn’t difficult to ask for a free stick to try. See! Clever people would have stopped experimenting after choking on the toxic smoke. Only stupid people would go out of their way to shorten their lives prematurely and pay a hefty sum for that.

Very soon, I became a regular smoker. By that, I mean that I had willingly transformed myself into a nicotine addict, and allowed the evil drug to take precedence over everything else in my life. REALLY?! Smokers would hate to admit this, but it’s true. Before a flight, smokers had to look for smoking lounges, and perhaps smoke double the usual quantity ‘for the road’. It doesn’t matter that 90% of smoking rooms in the world— with the exception of the ones at our Changi Airport— are gross and disgusting spaces that even hard-core smokers hate to step into. And by the way, I was very upset that Taoyuan, Taiwan closed their smoking rooms in T1 for a while— and I refused to fly China Airlines back then.

On a daily basis, I had to arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier for business or leisure appointments, because I had to find somewhere— and trust me, it’s getting more and more challenging— to light up. (The positive side to this, is that I’m very early most of the time.) And I absolutely hated the smell. You have no idea how much I spent on cologne because I was spraying myself multiple times a day to mask that disgusting odour. But I carried on smoking. Stupid.

And then I decided to stop, thanks to a conversation with Mike— someone who started smoking way before I did. The question isn’t why, but WHY NOT? We all know the various factors— the smell, the health risks, the costs, the social stigma, etc.

For me, the single most important factor was that I wanted to regain FULL control of my life. I don’t want to be ‘forced’ to leave my desk every hour or so, to replenish the poison in my body. I don’t want to be distracted at functions, wondering when it would be an appropriate time to smoke. And oh yes, some dignity as well- I’ve stood in the rain and even SNOWING conditions, just to light up away from prying eyes. FOR WHAT?!

Ok, so I stopped. From twenty to zero overnight. It’s been a week. Of course it’s not been easy. I still get that little urge to light up, and think about smoking sometimes. But my objective is clear— I don’t want to anymore!

Thank you for the encouraging comments and likes on social media! And thanks to my friends and family for the moral support. That is extremely important! Thank you! I won’t waste your time. I won’t smoke again!

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