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(Singapore, 7 November 2015) NoonTalk is pleased to announce the appointment of Cruz Teng as its Group Creative Director, reporting to Jacki Ng, Chief Executive Officer.

In this newly created position, Cruz will oversee the group’s creative direction and development of its products and artistes. His immediate priorities include launching a new product line— NoonTalk Academy— by the end of the year.

Jacki said, “We are delighted to have Cruz strengthen our management team as the company prepares for its next phase of expansion.”

Prior to this appointment, Cruz was head of YES 933, Singapore’s top rated and highest grossing Mandarin radio station. He chaired the Singapore Hit Awards and Global Chinese Music Awards committees, producing awards shows heard and viewed in more than 20 cities around the world.

Cruz began his broadcasting career as a freelance talent in 1996 and progressed to host the station’s flagship morning show after national service. He was named Most Popular Radio Personality four consecutive times at the Singapore Radio Awards, and was last seen hosting Channel U’s tentpole talk show Mars Vs Venus. Cruz continues to be available for radio, television and event engagements.

The appointment is effective beginning 23 November 2015.

I tendered my resignation a while ago and requested my last day of service to coincide with the 15th Global Chinese Music Awards so that I could complete what I started doing. As the curtain fell last evening, I relinquished my management role at YES 933, and ceased to be a full time employee of MediaCorp. The company will introduce a new station head in due course.

This is actually a non-issue for the general public. I deliberately stated in the media release that I will “continue to be available for radio, television and event engagements”. This means that you will still see me, unless you deliberately block me or ignore me.

Only a handful of people are affected — my bosses, peers and direct reports in the past and future organisations. And maybe some trade and industry partners. And maybe some (former) colleagues from other departments in MediaCorp. Ok, now they all know. I hope they can cope with this. If they do pop some champagne, I can totally empathize, and wouldn’t mind a bit. HAHA!

People change, and priorities change. This move is attributed to several complex push and pull factors at the personal and professional levels. If only life was that simple, where everything can be summarised with a short sentence or two. Hurhurhur. I’m really not that important enough for anyone to go through multiple pages of text to relive the entire decision making process.

That’s it.

I’m taking a short break. At the moment, I am not sure when I will go back on air. But I certainly will do so, sooner or later.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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Cruz Teng: The Accidental TV Host
26 February 2015 Thursday | 20:52 | -

Things weren’t supposed to pan out this way.

I had made a conscious choice to become the head of a radio station two years ago. I see myself as a white collar executive holding the fort in the boardroom and not someone holding on to a microphone and reluctant to walk away from the glitzy glamour of showbiz.

But the Universe often throws me unexpected surprises along the way.

I’m not shy to call myself a Somebody in Radio.
But I’m basically a Nobody in the world of Television.

Rebecca (my boss) knocked on my door on a busy afternoon last year. She had a really excited look, “I just met TV programming and production folks. They want you to host a brand new talk show on Channel U!

I looked up from my computer briefly and mumbled, “Oh, really? Errrr… Tell them I won’t be available please.

Anti climax. Hahaha.

I didn’t ask who, what, why, when, where and how. There was zero interest on my part. Really. I was very busy at that point. I had just returned to the morning show— which takes up about a third of my time every day. And I was preparing for the Singapore Hit Awards. And there were a million other routine things on my to-do list. More importantly, I didn’t want people— inside and outside the company— to be confused. I was supposed to fade out of the limelight gradually, and not expose myself further.

Weeks passed. And I went off for my sabbatical. Rebecca emailed me when I was in Bangkok, asking for a decision to be made by the end of the week.

“Huh, you mean you haven’t declined this on my behalf?”


I was in Siam Paragon— very free and in an extremely good mood. I was finally ready to hear the details— the concept, the genre, and most importantly why they wanted me to host the show.

Honestly, I was hesitant to nod my head. And I could almost imagine the frustration on the other end. “Cruz Teng is such an idiot. This is awesome, isn’t it? A television hosting gig on a terrestrial channel! So many people would want to host their own talkshows! And it’s on PRIMETIME! Why is he acting like a big shot?!” Hahaha.

I then looked at the proposal paper. Firstly, there would be Siau Jiahui— someone I’m perfectly comfortable with. And the adjectives they used to describe me were PERFECT. They did so much research. Haha! They knew my style and they could anticipate my authentic reactions to certain scenarios. I don’t have to fake a persona. It would be Cruz Teng being Cruz Teng— on television. I was impressed, amused and humbled all at the same time. I get it— you guys really want me to do this, despite the fact that I have virtually no television hosting experience. (All those guest episodes don’t really count.) Ok, let’s do it! Yes, I WANT to do this, I WANT to try something new, and together, let’s kick some ass!”

Catch Mars VS Venus 金星火星大不同 on Channel U at 9PM every Monday from 6 April 13 April 2015.

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